Safe Autonomous Transport

Autonomous ability to plan & follow routes, react to the changes & obstacles to reach destination with zero human intervention.

Intelligent & Interactive

Intelligent & interactive user interface, with built-in AI enabled chatbot, customized to answer Health & Hospital specific queries.

Secure Smart Inventory

Authentication based containers with inventory scanning & real time updates into the hospital ERP system ensuring security & traceability during transport.

About us

Building with Passion

Each one of us, at Jetbrain Robotics, believes that a smarter, more connected world, has the answer to the biggest problems of the world. Robotics & IoT play a key role in moving the existing archaic systems to more efficient & fulfilling ones.

And with this belief, we've stepped into improving Healthcare, first pegs of which includes but is not limited to smart logistics & assistive care.

The Team

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Our Products

Product Catalogue

Medicine Transportation Robot

AMRO, the autonomous transportation robot, provides a means to securely & safely transports medicines, samples & other items throughout the hospital, continuously through the day.

A high payload & inventory managment system, allows for smaller number of trips to be taken and thus increasing efficiency while maintaining a complete chain of custody.

Patient Care Assistant

ARYA, the assistive care robot, is an interactive intelligent companion for patients at hospitals, to help them with their health specific queries, provide 24x7 monitoring of patients to doctors & assist the hospital staff with timely administration of medication.

With it's customizable intelligence, ARYA can also double up as a guide to patients at Multi Speciality Hospitals.

Generic Transportation Robot

Core 0, is the underlying platform for all our Robots. Packed with high payload capacity & autonomous navigation capabilties, these robots can be deployed for moving generic containers/baskets in the pharmacy, laboratories, kitchen or in general across departments.

Hospital staff can easily control Core 0 using personal devices like mobile phones & tablets.